Sungate is probably the biggest and the most experienced CREATOR OF TECHNICAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS in the Baltics

Karl Ždanovitš

Tegevjuht / CEO

Sungate covers almost full range of physical security solutions - production of fences and gates, entrance automation and control solutions, access management systems and solutions for site surveillance.

Projecting, installation and maintenance of all installed products and solutions belongs into our field of activity.

Sungate TM is known since 2002.

Karl Ždanovitš

Tegevjuht / CEO

Sungate Group introduction




Sungate covers almost full range of physical security solutions - production of fences and gates, entrances automation, entrance control solutions, access management systems.

Into field of our activity belongs projecting, installation and maintenance of all supplied products and solutions.

The trademark Sungate, is known on the market since 2002. The group is formed by five companies:

Sungate Group OÜ is a holding company, the group synergy creator, responsible for marketing and is the developer of the own property.

Sungate Metal OÜ is the metal products manufacturer - sliding and wing gates, fences and fence accessories. Company has the powder-coating line and produces biggest and most reliable sliding gates in the region.

Sungate Fence OÜ is the fence and gate sales and installation company. The firm is divided into project sales and fence materials distribution through the retail shops net.

Sungate Automaatika OÜ - is the automated solutions installer and service company.

Sungate Security OÜ - is the provider of integrated security solutions as entrance control, access management and control, site monitoring and surveillance solutions.

Sungate operates through the main office and stock in Tallinn.

Our territory of business markets is in area of 300 km from Tallinn which is bordered by Helsinki, St Petersburg and Riga. With our business partners in Latvia and Lithuania we can be useful for these markets as well.

We are focused on the institutional clients and main portfolio of our references include projects for industry, military bases, correctional facilities, power plants, ports and airports, embassies, banks, hotels, sport and leisure facilities.

Our partners in business are worldwide well known and reliable companies and brands such as: Kaba, Gallagher, Powerfence, Cardax, Bavac, ArcelorMittal, Famavi, Locinox, FAC, Nice. The group turnover in 2011 is 3 milj €

Karl Ždanovitš


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